Our step-up program allows you to accumulate equity while you are renting your student horn and use it towards the next level of horn (intermediate or professional).

Once you have decided to step up to the next level of horn, you can continue to make payments as you did on the student horn.

We simply divide the balance into 18, 24 or 36 months worth of payments. Keep in mind, there is no maintenance fee added onto an 18 month contract!
•Many music stores only allow the first year of payments to apply which means you lose out on equity in the second and third years of renting...

If you were pressured to rent at a school rental night, find out if 100% rent applies. If it does not, return the instrument and save your money with Eastside Music

•* Maintenance fees are a nominal charge which help to cover servicing costs and DO NOT apply to the instrument' s purchase price.    
•Simply return your student rental instrument.
Try out several of our new intermediate and pro instruments of the same type (ex. flute steps up to flute).

We move 100% of your accumulated rent payment from your student rental to the MSRP* of your new step-up instrument.

Then we calculate 3 payment plan options based on the balance of your new instrument before you take it home!
All your years of abuse were put on a rental. Time to trade it in on a NEW horn!
Your monthly student rental payments accumulate 100% to purchase*
*MSRP is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.
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